Xiao Lei Salovara, a native of Shanghai, China, began to study the violin and piano with her parents at the age of four. Her mother is the first Chinese harp professor in China. Her father is a world well-known violin professor. At the age of nine, Xiao Lei (as in Swiss "Chalet") was one of twenty-eight children chosen in a national selection to be enrolled in the Music Elementary School in Shanghai as a piano major. She studied harp with her mother at the Shanghai Conservatory Music High School..

Xiao Lei was the principal harpist with the Shanghai Peking Opera and Shanghai Film Orchestra. She was elected The Woman of The Year by The National Film Association of China for her outstanding film recordings.

After coming to the United States, Xiao Lei received her Bachelor of Music degree with Valedictory honors from the Cleveland Institute of Music, as well as her Master of Music degree and Artist Diploma.

Xiao Lei was a guest performer on the Tonight Show. She has also performed with celebrities like Yanni and Pavarotti, as well as the Cleveland Orchestra, Toledo Symphony, Wheeling Symphony, Ohio Chamber, Cleveland Opera, Cleveland Ballet, and many other orchestras. She has performed live on WCLV- FM 95.5 classical music station and TV Fox Channel 8. Currently, Xiao Lei teaches the harp at Baldwin Wallace Conservatory Adult Education Department and operates a private harp studio.

The Cleveland Dealer Sunday Magazine published an article about Xiao Lei’s life and harp performance.

Xiao Lei has released a harp and flute classical album CHINDEE , a pop solo album VERSATILEHARP , and a harp duo album TWO HARPS FOR CHRISTMAS .

Xiao Lei is married to Jay E. Salovara. They reside in Parma, Ohio.



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